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Welcome to FOCI: Friends Of a Competitive Internet. What follows is a brief explanation of who we are and why we’re angry. If you haven’t already received The FOCI Letter, please read it. It says a lot more than this brief overview.

We’re mad because the current ICANN process to introduce new Top Level Domains (TLDs) into the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) is in danger of being hijacked in a sham designed to extend the market dominance of existing, entrenched interests. Instead of fostering the diversity and competition called for in ICANN’s Criteria for Assessing TLD Proposals, many of the current proposals threaten to consolidate power over the DNS infrastructure in the hands of Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) and the other Afilias registrars, or those of Melbourne IT and its partner under the JVTeam moniker.

We believe that, unless we act together, loudly, and quickly, ICANN may give .Web to the NSI-led oligopoly called Afilias , or the entrenched Melbourne IT, in spite of the presence of an arguably better proposal from Image Online Design, who have been fighting to bring you a working .Web registry for over four years now.

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Help fight for true competition! This site is the headquarters for our efforts to spread the word and shine the light on the TLD proposals on the table, and bring true diversity and competition to the domain name marketplace!

Learn more about the origins and operators of FOCI.