How to help

How to Help FOCI

You can easily take an active role in keeping the Internet safe for competion by doing any or all of these things:

Citizens, Write Your Government Representatives:

These people get paid to listen to you, their constituents, and take action on your behalf. “Action” can be as simple as stern words, or as drastic as encouraging anti-trust investigations. Lighting fires under them is always a good idea when you’re angry about something.

United States Citizens, find your representative here.

Australian Citizens, find your Senators and MPs here.
Let ICANN Know!

As of Friday, October 13th, 2000, ICANN is accepting comments on the TLD application process and the applications in an open forum on its website. Go there, and be heard, whether you agree with this rant or not! This, too, is an important rite of competition. Advocacy and watch-dogging are how we keep the bullies in line!

Comment in the ICANN forum
Pass The Letter On!

Pass The FOCI Letter, or another of your own construction, along to a friend, associate, or even bitter enemy. Spread the word! As we have time, we’ll post other resources here at the FOCI website, including a leaner version of the letter for tech-heads.

Use the link to your left to pass this on to a friend.
Sound The Press Alarm!

Do you know someone in the press? An editor, a writer, a camera operator? Pass this along to them. Ask them if they’re covering this story, and if not, why not?
Support Image Online Design’s existing .Web Registry!

If you’re really seriously concerned about this, you can add yourself to the growing number of registrants in Image Online Design’s proof-of-concept .Web registry.

Please Note: since Image Online Design’s current .Web registry is a proof of concept, and not recognized by the shared “root” nameservers that make up the core of the Internet’s Domain Name System, registering a domain name in .Web is an act of speculation. If ICANN does not endorse Image Online Design’s existing .Web registry, any names you have registered with Image Online Design under .Web will never be operational.